Experiences with having a free hit counter

Without a free hit counter, there is no way to track the number of visitors to a website. A webmaster needs to know the number of visitors to his website. Lack of such information cannot tell him how much his website is valued. It is because of this reason that several webmasters and bloggers add free hit counters to their website. Knowing the number of visitors to the website, a lot of changes can be made. For example, a webmaster can know the pages or posts that are of interest to many visitors. He can then add more information to the page or post to attract more visitors.

Paul is a website owner who has newly started his website selling different baby care items. Starting an online business is an easy task, but succeeding with it is tough. Affiliate business is a profitable business, but only a few affiliates succeed. Others wait for several days to get one sales. Paul was such a person who developed a fully functional website. He has to wait for many days to generate sales. Then, he used traffic generation methods to increase the number of visitors to his website. Despite his efforts, he was not able to generate more sales because he had no idea of the visitors coming to his website.

Knowing about the free hit counter, Paul installed it in his website, as it is available free of cost. This helped him to know the number of visitors to his website. The ip address of the visitors and location of his customers gave him an idea about what his visitors expected from his website. He identified that many of his visitors are from Australia looking for Australian products. Paul then changed his website to sell products targeted for Australian customers. With this simple change, he now generates several sales per day.

Emily is a blogger who started blogging as a hobby. She is a real talented person interested in financial matters. She wrote a lot about financial issues and she was looking for readers to exchange ideas. Emily also added some Adsense code to her website to generate passive revenue. Without knowing who her visitors are, Emily was not able to customize Adsense code. Then, she installed free hit counter to count the number of visitors to her website. Later, she was surprised to know that she already has a number of visitors to her website. This motivated her to blog about several financial issues to increase reader base and increase Adsense revenue.

A lot more information can be derived from your free hit counter. Without paying a dime, you can get the full benefits of counting the number of visitors to your blog or website. Also, there is no need to write the counting code as the counter code is directly available for copy pasting. You don’t have to be a website savvy to install the free hit counter. Simply copy the counter code and paste it at the end of website template code to show the counter at the end of the page.