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In the modern day online business, hit counters have become an essential part of a website. A website without a counter is considered to be developed by a newbie who knows nothing about a successful online presence. If you have a website or a blog, you are interested in gaining more visitors to your pages. Even if you don’t sell anything or have any online business, you are interested in getting more visitors to your website or blog. Online presence is mainly used to communicate your thoughts and services and getting more visitors is essential. This aspect of increasing the number of website visitors becomes crucial if you run any online business.

The internet users also know about the websites and they know how to identify the credibility of the website. If you have a hit counter on your website, it means that you are taking some efforts to know who your visitors are. If you have concern for your visitors, you provide useful contents for them. Hence, internet users consider hit counters as something related to the website credibility. Further, if your website already has some decent number of visitors, it means that you already have some people who are interested in knowing what you are having. This adds interest to your new visitor because a person is always interested in knowing useful information which has benefited several others.

You have to get the hit counters online and there are many websites offering free hit counters. In most of the cases, free counters are made available for webmasters by those sites that wish to add advertisements to other websites. It is important to choose the right hit counter for your website. Intentionally, these hit counters may send your visitors to some other website. Normally, the webmasters never follow anything that directs their visitors to some other website. So, before choosing free hit counter, you have to know whether any advertisements are placed on your website.

Some free hit counter websites need you to sign up to create a free counter. Then, your email address may be included for some newsletter subscription. There are genuine websites offering free hit counters to be placed on your website. Using the login you created, you may be able to customize your counter and take a look at the more detailed information about your website visitors. It is possible to add invisible counters to a website where you can track the visitor information, but the counter will not be visible to your visitors.

Free-Hit-Counter.com is one of the successful hit counters that are used by several webmasters. If you need precise visitor information, this counter can greatly help you. Further, customization is also possible with your web counter. The counter text is simple and you don’t have to take any effort to understand how the counter works. Just after signing up using your email address, you can get your own personal counter that can be readily placed on your website.

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