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PostHeaderIcon How To Add A Free Hit Counter To Wordpress

How to add free hit counter to wordpress

Wordpress is a common platform used by many bloggers. The wordpress blog allows you to share your thoughts and feelings with others. You can add widgets and other extra components that match the theme of your wordpress blog. However, the blog cannot be complete without a hit counter. While most other hit counters are scripts, they cannot be used with wordpress blogs. Instead of using built in counter, you can use free hit counter to add a twist to your wordpress blog. Adding free hit counter involves a few steps after which you can see the free hit counter up and running. The following guide will help you add free hit counter to the wordpress blog.

  • Login to and go to the dashboard. Only from the dashboard, you can edit the contents of the blog and include free hit counter.
  • On the left hand side, click on appearance and open widgets.
  • From the list of widgets, click on Add next to the Text widget to add a text widget. A text widget will be added to your sidebar. In this widget, you can write text and html code. We are going to exploit the facility of adding html text to include our free hit counter.
  • The counter code which is available with free hit counter is a script that can be utilized to extract html counter. In the next step, go to to get the counter code. The script displays a few html lines embedded within. Copy the entire counter code that was provided to you carefully.
  • Next, go to the text widget in the wordpress dashboard and click on edit. Add title of your choice. In the content field, paste the code that was copied in the previous step. The resultant counter code contains nothing more than html tags and counter calculations.
  • Then, click on save changes to save the changes you made to your wordpress dashboard.
  • You are done with adding free hit counter to your wordpress blog. When you open your wordpress blog, you can see the free hit counter counting the number of visitors to your website.

The above mentioned steps are easy to follow and even a newbie can effortlessly add a personal free hit counter to the wordpress blog. The counter scripting code cannot be added directly as wordpress blogs disallow any scripts. However, free hit counter allows you to convert script counter to html counter so that they can be used on wordpress blogs with various themes. Choose your own favorite theme to personalize the blog according to your wish. Irrespective of your theme, the free hit counter counts the number of visitors reading your blog.

PostHeaderIcon Why Do People Use Hit Counters?

Why do people use hit counters?

Hit counters have become an important part of every website. When you surf the internet, you might have come across web pages with a counter like thing that displays the number of visitors to the website. These cute little things are the hit counters that help the webmaster keep track of the number of visitors to his website. This information can provide a lot of benefits for the webmaster. Practically, if you see a website that has a certain number of visitors, it means that the website is a credible one. Websites that offer useful information are widely preferred by internet users and it is because of this reason that a higher counter value means a trustable website.

Webmasters use hit counters mainly to track the number of visitors to their website. This is essential for any website or blog because if there is an online presence, there has to be some visitors to the web page. No one creates a webpage just for himself. With a hit counter, the webmaster can keep track of all the website visitors. Every time when a page is loaded, the ip address of the visitor is counted by the counter. When the same visitor reloads the page, it is not counted, as the visitor is the same. With such information, a webmaster can find out the popularity of his website.

There are web counters that give more information than just the number of visitors. The place from where the visitors come is also noted down by these counters. This helps the webmaster to tailor the contents according to the viewers. For example, if more visitors come from the USA, you can change the contents of your blog to accommodate the needs of US readers. On the other hand, if you have visitors from several parts of the world, you can change the contents accordingly. This is important because visitors always like fresh contents that are interesting to them.

Every webmaster will take steps to increase the traffic to the website. Without any visitor tracking tool, it is not possible to calculate the efficiency of the methods used to attract traffic. Using the hit counters, the webmasters can understand how many visitors have visited the website. For example, with the use of a traffic generation method, if the webmaster finds no increase in the amount of traffic to the website, he can simply discard the service and look for other traffic generation methods. On the other hand, sometimes, webmasters may find increase in traffic after the use of some tool. In that case, he can continue use that traffic generation tool to get more visitors to the website.

Sometimes, surprising traffic may be experienced by the webmasters. On certain days, traffic may be increased to some web pages. This is because of the sudden attention to any specific topic. This information boosts the energy level of the webmaster as he will be satisfied to know that information in his website are read by several people around the world. With customized contents and more visitors, the website can become popular among thousands of internet users.

PostHeaderIcon Why Is The Best Hit Counter?

Why is the best hit counter?

Hit counters are now popular among website owners and bloggers. While many people see it as a simple counter that can count the number of page loads, there are potentially a number of advantages with a hit counter. Aside from giving information on the number of visitors to the website, a number of information is provided by the hit counter. Using the counter, you can also get the location information of the visitors. This can be useful to you in many ways.

There are hit counters that require you to pay money to use their services. You may be a webmaster interested in using some paid services. However, paying monthly fees for someone who does an easy job for you is not affordable. Hit counters can be developed easily and even if you spend just $10 per month to count the number of visitors, the amount is huge. Our hit counter is free and you can use it without paying any fees. The free hit counter continuously counts the number of visitors to your website. This is beneficial for those who are looking for easy counters to count the number of visitors to their website.

When you search for hit counters online, you can find a number of websites involving several steps of registration procedure. After registering to the website, you will automatically receive newsletter from the website everyday. This can be avoided when you use our free hit counter. You don’t have to register to use the benefits of the hit counter. No registration process is involved and the counter code is available for free for anyone who needs it. You can simply use the counter code in your website or blog. You can use our free hit counter in as many websites as you want.

Hit counters are easy to use only if the hit code is easy to use. The hit code provided by free hit counter is easy and simple to use. You just have to copy and paste the counter code. We have done all the work required for you to make profits with your website. We count the number of visitors to your website on your behalf. Once you place the counter code on your website, our code starts working and counts the number of visitors to your website or blog.

Privacy is guaranteed when you use our free hit counter. We don’t collect private information from you as we don’t even require you to register to use the counter code. Also, the ip address of the visitors is noted down by our counter to count the number of visits. We don’t sell this information or create any trouble for your visitors. These ip addresses are recorded purely for counting purposes. Moreover, we update our free hit counter code so that you receive the best service at all times. You can also register your email address to know the latest updates about our free hit counter. We strive to provide the best possible service free of cost to make internet a convenient place for webmasters and bloggers.

PostHeaderIcon Who Can Use A Free Hit Counter?

Who can use a free hit counter?

When you visit a website, you might have seen a number in a different format with a label called the number of visitors. Have you ever wondered how it is possible to track your visitors? The free hit counter is the answer. With no work from your side, you will be able to track the visitors to your website. Even when you sleep, the counter counts the number of visitors to your website. If you have repeated customers, these people may become potential buyers if you have an ecommerce website. With free hit counter, it is possible to know new and repeating visitors.

The obvious question you may have now is “Can I use the free hit counter?” If you have an email address, you are eligible to use the free hit counter. A simple registration process is required to use the free hit counter and this helps you keep track of your counter account. If you have a website, you have the full right to know who your website visitors are. Using this information, you can do a lot with your website. Using the ip address of the visitors, you can present some offers to attract people from specific regions. You can increase traffic to your website using the hit counter, as you will know how the visitor reached your website.

If you have a blogger or wordpress blog, the good news is that you can use the free hit counter in your blog too. In the present world of internet, blogging is not a personal webpage. Many people use blogs to promote their product and blogging has become a business. When there is an opportunity to increase visitors to blog, why not use it with the free hit counter? These counters can be placed in your blogs to let your visitors know how popular your blog is. You can change the look of the counter according to your choice to blend the color of the counter to your blog theme.

Simply stating, if you have permissions to add a piece of html code to a website or blog, you are eligible to use a free hit counter. This facility is great because you don’t have to pay for anyone to count visitors to your website. Free hit counter makes your job simple so that you can concentrate on the core business of your website. Even if you run a personal blog, it will be quite interesting to know who visited your blog. This way you can make friends across national territories.

Free hit counter can be used by anyone because no expertise is needed to use the counter. Simply by pasting a small code, you can have the counter up on your website. Once you include the counter code in your webpage, the counter starts functioning from your next page reload. The ip address of the visitor can be tracked so that you can use it for your business purpose in the legal way. You can use this information to know how many people are interested in knowing what you are going to offer for them.

PostHeaderIcon When is the best time to add a hit counter?

When is the best time to add a hit counter?

Hit counters are simple pieces of code that can be added to your website effortlessly. These counters count the number of unique visitors to your website. More information can be obtained from hit counters that make these simple additions useful to your website. If you are more concerned about how to increase the sales with your website, you need to have a hit counter. For many webmasters, using a hit counter is a symbol of professionalism. Websites without hit counters are not considered credible. Also, you can monitor the success of your competitor websites by taking a look at the website counter value in that website.

If you are looking for the best time to add a hit counter to your website, you should do that immediately. There are no time limits to add a hit counter because these counters are readily available to be placed on your website. You have to take immediate action to add a hit counter to your website. As a webmaster, you know how to add and remove templates in your website. With this basic knowledge, you can easily add a hit counter to your website. The counter text used to display a counter can be easily added to your website without any further delay. The readily available code can be pasted immediately to display the counter on your website. If you need to customize the counter to match the color theme and website theme, you can do so before adding the counter code to your website.

Website monetization has become common and you cannot find a website without advertisements. For these websites, click through rate is essential to know the effectiveness of the advertisements placed in the website. Without hit counters, this information cannot be obtained. Further, if you are selling something using your website, you need to have a hit counter which helps you analyze your website visitors. By properly using the counter information, you can increase the sales of the product. If your counter shows real visitor numbers, your website visitors are also be satisfied because they will have faith in your website. It is obvious that these visitors will find your website credible as it already has many visitors.

Free hit counter is the best website counter that counts visitors to your website hassle free. You don’t have to do any task other than copy pasting the available code. This code runs on your website without any further delay. You must have the necessary permission to add html code to your website. Then, you can simply add the code as soon as you can. When you add the code earlier, your website starts counting its visitors earlier. This can help you keep track of your website. The sooner you add your hit counter, the faster you can start to track and attract more visitors.

Once the hit counter is placed, you don’t have to do anything else because the counter takes care of everything. Even if new facilities are added to the counter code, they are visible directly on your website. To increase the credibility of your website immediately, get a free hit counter now.

PostHeaderIcon What Is A Hit Counter?

What is a hit counter?

A hit counter is a simple numerical online counter that counts the number of visitors to your page. This counter works in the back ground without providing annoying page delays for the user. It is a simple small box that can be placed at any positioning your page. Most of the webmasters put this box at the end or side of the page. Each time when a visitor visits your page, the counter is incremented. If the same visitor reloads the page, it is not considered as a new visitor because only ip address is used in counting the number of visitors to your website. A hit counter can give you a lot of information about the user data so that you can use it to increase sales with your website.

The code that is used to generate counter on your website is called counter text. This code is written in PHP, Perl, C versions or another scripting language. But you don’t need to worry about that because you can leave that to the hit counter programmers. Apart from the internal counting code, the counter text also contains graphical user interface options to display the counter as you wish. The website visitor has nothing to do to make sure the hit counter will count their visit. But, the webmaster can use the counter information for various purposes.

A simple counter simply counts the number of visitors to your website. This can be used if you are looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your web-presence. To make your website more interactive, you can add gadgets like a guestbook, a bulletin board, a chatroom, and much more. Along with a hit counter, these gadgets can help you identify the nature of your website visitors. Some counters have additional facilities and help you review the page hits per day along with the date and time. When you use advertisements to monetize your website, you should know the importance of page hits and other visitor information. An advanced hit counter can give you this information.

Though the hit counters can be customized to show digital display, analog functions can also be associated with the counter. The analog information like country of the visitors is also provided with the counter. Advanced hit counters have many more options that allow you to display the counter in the regional language. This language can be different when your website is opened in different countries. This is possible by analyzing the geographic area of the visitor. If you are running a serious online business, this information can be very valuable to you.

The goal of every website owner is to increase the number of website visitors. Many website promotion tools are used by webmasters to promote their website. This may bring many new visitors to the website. However, without monitoring who are visiting the website, it is not possible for the webmaster to benefit from website promotion tools. Designing a hit counter is a tough process if you are not an expert in programming. You can take advantage of free hit counters that help you with their readymade code. Simple copy and pasting is sufficient to have the hit counter running in your website.

PostHeaderIcon How To Install A Free Hit Counter

How to install a free hit counter. helps you count the number of visitors to your website. Without any effort from your side, you can know who visited your website. This information can be used for various purposes if you have a business website or blog. Today, many people are interested in placing website counters so that they can know more information about website visitors. Also, the visitors will feel that your website is credible if it has great number of visitors. The number of visitors to your website is not only available to the admin but also to the visitors. More information about the visitors is available only to the website admin to protect privacy.

Installing a free hit counter is not a tough process. If you attempt to create a hit counter script from scratch, it will take a lot of time and you have to put in efforts to achieve what you want. This is practically impossible for budding bloggers who don’t know about website development. Free hit counter makes website tracking very simple by offering a free counter that can be placed quite easily in your website or blog. This counter works right after you install it in the webpage.

Those who have a website are called webmasters and those who own a blog are called bloggers. The bloggers are essentially webmasters except that they are provided with a readymade template. The counter can be placed either in the home page or in every page. The best way to utilize your free hit counter is to place the counter in the website template. Most web blogs allow you to add items to the blog template. You can instantly use this to add a counter to your blog. Once placed in the basic website template, you can be sure that the counter appears in each and every page. You don’t have to worry about counting because it is done based on the ip address of the visitor.

The hit counter is nothing but a script that counts the number of page loads. When a new ip address is encountered, it is recorded as a visitor to the website. If the same visitor reloads the page, it is regarded as one visitor to the website irrespective of the number of page reloads. You don’t have to worry because you need not develop the script. The script is already developed and you can use the script readily. You need to paste a small html code in your website to have the counter.

If you are a webmaster, you have to paste the html code in the website template to make the counter visible to the visitors. Bloggers can copy the simple html code and add the hit counter as a widget or page template to the blog. Just a copy and paste will suffice in order use the free hit counter. No other step is needed to have the counter on your website or blog. However, you have to register with free hit counter so that you can check your status and know about the latest developments.

PostHeaderIcon Add Free Hit Counter To Blogger

How to add free hit counter to blogger?

Bloggers can make the blog more interesting by changing the contents of the blog according to the type of readers. Also, as a blogger, you will be more interested in updating your blog if you know that many visitors visit your blog daily. This information can be obtained easily if you have a free hit counter on your blogger blog. Adding our free hit counter to your blogger blog is very easy and simple. To add a free hit counter to your blog, you must have admin rights to add and post contents to the blogger blog. The following guide will help you to add free hit counter to your blogger blog.

1. To add the counter, login to your blogger blog to open the blog dashboard. This dashboard allows you to add and remove contents in your blog.

2. You have to go to the layout link from the dashboard. This is where you can add new contents to your blog template. You want the hit counter to be visible in all the pages of the blog. So whatever post is opened, you want the counter to be visible. This is possible by adding the free hit counter code to your blog template.

3. Now click on add a gadget link located at the bottom of the blog template. If you want to display the counter on the side bar, then click on add a gadget on the side bar. A pop up showing several gadgets that can be added to your blogger blog will be displayed.

4. The free hit counter code is a JavaScript code and hence click the + button in the add a gadget pop up window next to HTML/JavaScript code.

5. In the next step, you have to write the counter code. Free hit counter makes your job simple so that you don’t have to write any code for it. From the free hit counter website, copy the code provided for the counter.

6. After copying the counter code specified in the box, you can then proceed to add the counter code in your blog.

7. In the title space, you can specify the title for your counter. You can write any title as you wish. In the space for content, paste the counter code, you have just copied from the free hit counter website. Then click save. Now you can see the counter gadget added to your blog template.

8. After this step, you can find your own cute little counter on your blogger blog.

The greatest advantage with free hit counter is its simplicity and ease of use. Even a novice blogger can add the hit counter to his blog in a few minutes. Further, there are no complications with adding the hit counter and updating it. If the free hit counter makes some updates to the counter code, it will be automatically reflected in the counter present in your website.

PostHeaderIcon Free Hit Counter Code

Here’s your code:

Just insert this code wherever you want your hit counter to appear on your website. It will automatically register and start tracking. Thats all you do!

(You must not modify or change this code for the hit counter to work properly.)

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